1 in 5 homes in the UK only have electricity

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Around eighty percent of houses in the UK use gas. That leads to the conclusion that around five million homes only have electricity. Solar energy is increasingly in demand and more people change over to electricity completely that is generated by their solar PV panels. Just think of the money you save on your energy bill when installing solar panels!

The demand of solar panels has surged in the UK owing the lower prices of said panels plus helped by government grants. This is one of the reasons why demand for electric water heaters remains strong.

Also the surge in solar panels installed has helped increase sales of electric central heating boilers that have become increasingly energy efficient. As have electric water heaters with innovative features as an intelligent controller.

Eco electric water heaters that are highly economical in power consumption

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Power your house with photovoltaic solar panels

Be smart and power your house with solar energy. Heat your house and provide hot water to sink and shower.

For obvious reasons this makes sense:

  • Become self supportive

  • Reduce your carbon footprint with solar power

  • Minimize your utility bill

Does this sound appealing then go online and purchase an electric central heating boiler. If you don’t have an electric water heater yet have a look and find the right capacity storage water heaters to heat water for a shower and a faucet.

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