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All about the efficiency of a photobioreactor

If you choose to grow algae then you cannot escape the fact that you need to use a photobioreactor. Want to know more about photobioreactors? Check out LGem here (website) They are the specialist when it comes to a photobioreactor. To see how efficient this tool is, it is good to first see what the process is where you can use a photobioreactor. Growing algae is a process in which the algae growing in the water can provide energy through photosynthesis. This energy is generated by the sun because sunlight allows the alga to perform the process of photosynthesis. Thus, the importance of light is great because otherwise the algae cannot grow.

What is photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is a natural process which ensures that with the help of light and CO2 the alga can grow. In nature, this process takes place in stagnant water so you can see the green deposits formed by algae. But there are many more uses for algae. The great advantage of an alga is that it grows without roots or branches, making it an easy process to achieve great growth. With the use of a photobioreactor, you can influence the process of growth and energy.

Some applications of algae

Among other things, algae are grown to make biomass. This biomass can be used for biodiesel, for example. The advantage is then that CO2 is broken down from the air and you get fuel in a clean way. Another application that is often used is to use certain substances from the algae as the basis for a cream or other care products. Again, the advantage here is that you can grow algae in a simple way and thus obtain the desired substances quickly. Current science is finding new uses for algae all the time, which is why it is also a huge boost for the environment into the future.

A photobioreactor

Because the yield of your alga has to be as optimal as possible, you don’t want to waste much, so the use of a photobioreactor is recommended. In most cases, algae were grown in ponds and you had less influence on the process. So by using a photobioreactor you can have much more influence on the whole process. You can influence the light intensity, you can play with the supply of CO2. Ultimately, by experimenting, you can grow the right algae that meets your needs and that you can use in a way that suits you. LGem is an expert in this field and can offer you the support you need. Curious about LGem’s other services? Check out this page.