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An Overview of Hardware Buyback

Hardware buyback is when one sells unused IT equipment that takes up space and drains resources. Today many businesses have their untapped financial resources stuck in unused IT equipment. Most companies tend to think of disposing of these items.

Discarding anything without significance is routine, but why don’t you try another beneficial method? CTC IT Solutions is a company that specialises in buying old and unused hardware. Therefore instead of disposing of your equipment and gaining nothing, consider our company which will give cash for the items, which will help create additional profit and enhance your sustainability score.

Why Sell your IT Hardware to CTC IT Solutions

Secure: Our company emphasises transparency. Therefore, you will receive the agreed amount before the specific item is collected. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about data leakages, as it is safe with us as we have secure data destruction services. We have been offering the same services for a while; therefore, we have all the needed experience and a capable task force.

Fast: In just four simple steps, you get a high financial return that you cannot get elsewhere. As the owner, you are entitled to accessibility to get the right atmosphere in dealing with your account manager. Finally, within three working days, our team will communicate to make arrangements on when and where the equipment will be shipped from.

Simple: Buyback is a simple process at CTC IT solutions, as no complicated process is needed. All that is required from you is to agree on the price, and from there, we will organise everything on your behalf, from starting payment to shipping your IT equipment.

Convenient: We remove unwanted IT equipment, enabling you to eradicate the e-waste for recycling the IT equipment.

Below are other reasons why you need to consider hardware buyback.
• The overall cost of maintaining or repairing the equipment is more than that of replacement.
• By selling the unused hardware, you will make money which can later be subsidised for buying new IT equipment.
• CTC IT Solutions gives you a stress-free method of disposing of your hardware in an environment-friendly manner.
• The Old or unused IT equipment no longer meets the organisation’s standards; therefore, you need to discard it.

Hardware Buyback Process

Below are the steps involved in hardware buyback:

Account managed
At first, inquiries will be made by CTC IT Solutions account managers, who will assess the company’s requirements. Well-detailed IT equipment will be required. It should either have parts/model numbers or even the serial number.


Depending on the type, condition, and available market trends of equipment you have, valuation will be done. At this step, a discussion on data erasure is done to determine who will be in charge of the process. Is it you or CTC IT Solutions?

An official purchase proposal that will entail any extra required services like decommissioning, transportation, data erasure and shredding of the hard drives is drafted.

Once the proposal has been accepted, CTC IT Solutions will raise a buying order for invoicing. Additionally, the buying company can raise a credit on your account to purchase any CTC IT Solutions items.