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Dizziness due to stress solution by Nick de Waard

If you suffer from vertigo or ordinary vertigo on a daily basis, the biggest cause is often: stress. Dizziness due to stress is no fun. In fact, it can be quite scary. The feeling of dizziness gives a feeling that you are floating and not grounded in life. You have trouble putting your feet firmly in the ground and with a little bit of stress you are immediately very dizzy.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Nick de Waard explains in this article about dizziness how you can get rid of your dizziness due to stress. The article is Dutch, so use that translate button by Google. Nick de Waard is an expert in the field of mental health and therefore also dizziness. He can explain exactly what you can do to recover from your dizziness. I dug into the article and got the most remarkable things out of it.

Dizziness due to stress is caused by too many stimuli

Mr. de Waard indicates in my article that dizziness is caused by receiving too many stimuli. We can only process a maximum number of incentives per day. If we have to process too much, our brain will show defects. Dizziness is a result of this.

Dizziness can be solved by relaxing more

In addition, dizziness due to stress is therefore caused by stress. That also means that if you want to recover from stress, you eventually have to relax more. Mr. de Waard indicates in his article that one breathing exercise per day can be sufficient for more relaxation.

Discharging tension helps against dizziness

As a final noteworthy tip, Nick de Waard indicates that we can release tension again by vibrating our bodies. We can literally vibrate stress out of our bodies. All stress is stored in our body and eventually it accumulates. This can eventually lead to dizziness.