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High Quality resin floor

Do you need a high quality floor in your home? Then u should definitely take a look at the resin flooring that is out there. Therese floors can last very long, if you take care of the floor they can stay well for a life time. This article has been written for Flowresin.com. We are called Flowresin because it might seem that the resin floor is floating when we apply them.


More benefits

The durability is just one of the benefits of resin flooring. U can choose from many design and that’s why a resin floor matches any demand. Even if you already have a design in your head, our experts can take it from there and make a 3D design from wich u can see how the new floor is going to look. There are no gaps between the floor wich is also a benefit, no moister will come between your floor. This is why the resin floor is also a popular choice for bathrooms.


Also for practical appliances

We forgot to mention one other benefit, the resin floor is very steady. U can drop a heavy itam on the floor and u won’t see scratch. This is why the resin floor is also very popular for practical appliances like garages for example.


Come visit

U can contact us online if u are convinced of the benefits a resin floor. U are also welcome to come visit our showroom in Amsterdam, Netherlands. U can see the beautiful resin flooring with your own eyes! If u just want to know more about our company or flooring u can always contact us! We also have Sol Coule wich is the french word for resin floor.