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Hire the Right Arborist to Maintain Your Multi-Stem Trees

Maintaining a multi-stemmed tree is not the same as maintaining a single-stemmed tree. In fact, the challenges are quite different and require an arborist with special skills. Many property owners find this out the hard way when they hire an Certified Arborist to maintain their single-stemmed trees and end up with no remaining stems because of poor advice. Say you have a majestic maple that has grown into an enormous, multi-trunked beast. You want to keep it healthy so one day you can juice it for syrup, toss its leaves in autumn, and make wonderful things with its wood. But unless you are also ready to dedicate several hours each week to pruning multiple trunks simultaneously while wearing special gear, hiring the right arborist will be essential from day one. Read on for tips on how to hire the right one…



Hiring an arborist will be important from day one.

If you don’t hire an arborist from the get-go, you will quickly discover that pruning one or more large trunks is a big job that requires special skills. You will also need to be able to work at heights on a ladder, preferably with good fall protection. Few homeowners have the skills, equipment, and insurance to make this work safely. But pruning multiple trunks at once is the single most effective way to maintain a large tree, so even if you hire an arborist to do the first pruning, you may need to keep hiring one to come back each year. If you hire an arborist from the start, you can learn from the outset how to properly maintain your multi-stemmed tree while also making sure you hire the right arborist. An arborist with special skills can help you identify which trunks should remain and which ones should be removed. Meanwhile, pruning the right number of trunks at the right time will also help you retain your tree’s mature shape.


Interview your prospective arborists.

Before you hire an arborist, interview two or three of them. This will let you hear how they think about and approach your tree’s specific challenges. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, here are some questions to ask: – What can you do for my tree? – What problems does my tree have? – What does my tree need? – What happens if I don’t hire an arborist? – Do you have experience managing multi-stemmed trees? – Do you know what my tree needs? – How do you determine which trunks to prune and remove? – How often will you come back? – What equipment and expertise do you bring to the job? – What are the potential complications with my tree? – How do you prevent and manage those complications? – What are your long-term plans for managing my tree? – How will you communicate with me? – How often do you visit my tree? – What happens if I’m not there when you come to my tree? – How do you bill me? multi stem trees


What to look for in an arborist who specializes in multi-stemmed trees?

If you decide to hire an arborist to maintain your multi-stemmed tree, make sure you find an arborist who specializes in managing large, multi-stemmed trees. Some arborists work on large single-stemmed trees, but not many. This is especially important if you have a very large tree. If you hire an arborist who specializes in managing smaller trees, the person may quickly run out of ideas for your tree and might recommend cutting it down. Hiring a Certified Arborist (CA) who has experience managing large multi-stemmed trees is your best bet. Your arborist will have the right tools and techniques for keeping your large tree healthy over time.


How to find the right arborist for maintaining multi-stemmed trees?

The best way to find an arborist who specializes in managing large, multi-stemmed trees is to ask your neighbors who they hire. If you live in an area with large trees, many homeowners hire arborists to manage their trees, so there are often a few names you can ask about. But don’t just ask who they hire. Find out what they like about their arborist. You can also go to your local arborist association and ask for recommendations. If you don’t know any neighbors with large trees, look for arborist associations in your area and ask them who they know in your area who specializes in managing large, multi-stemmed trees. You can also call or email arborists in your area to ask who they would recommend. Most arborists are happy to talk to you if you are serious about retaining your large tree.



If you have a large, multi-stemmed tree, you probably want to keep it around for a long time. But to do that, you need to find the right arborist to manage your tree from the outset. This does not mean you can never hire an arborist to maintain your single-stemmed trees. But hiring an arborist to manage your large, multi-stemmed tree from the beginning will greatly increase your chances of success.

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