Is Laser Hair Removal Dangerous?

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Sometimes plucking, shaving, and waxing can just seem a bit too much, considering that hair grows back right away. It’s no shock that many are opting for a more lasting alternative.


Laser therapy is a popular method of long-term hair removal in which a mechanical pen uses lasers to traverse the skin, heading directly to the hair follicle, where it kills the follicle using thermal energy. This prevents any hair growth from the molecule for an estimated three to four months. Such a method can leave us asking “Is laser hair removal dangerous?“.


Despite numerous studies being undertaken on the harms and dangers of using laser therapy – all evidence points towards the contrary being true. There are some minor side effects of the laser treatment listed such as redness and irritation that is often described as a “sunburn feeling”. Crusting and temporary changes in skin colour are also noted as possible minor dangers – this is to be expected with any beauty therapy that actively kills follicles or cells. The dangers of these side effects can be easily and effectively diminished by taking adequate care of the affected area e.g. taking cool baths and moisturizing frequently. For those wondering is laser hair removal dangerous due to side effects – for more information see:


The most salient rumour on the dangers of laser hair therapy is that the lasers can cause cancer. This is completely false – the frequency of the laser is set as to pass through skin, only making contact with the desired follicles. The lasers used are also incapable of penetrating further into the body, eliminating any chance of contact with organs. If you are still asking “is laser hair removal dangerous?”, to ensure the best results with minimal side effects choose a reputable salon with trained technicians.