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Quick draining in the bathroom

When choosing a shower drain, you are of course looking for a drain that does not clog up easily, drains quickly and is not an obstacle in the shower. A popular choose is the linear shower drain, which is a long strip, through which the water can be drained. It has a large surface area, which makes it drain water quickly. It is not a large obstacle in the shower, but instead is just a small strip, located alongside the wall.

Easy installation

A linear shower drain might seem hard to install, but with the right tools installation is not a problem. The most important thing to take care of is the slope, which needs to be angled towards the shower drain. This ensures that the water drains away, and does not get stuck in other corners. Because the shower drain is located alongside one wall, the slight slope is easier to achieve than with a traditional, square shower drain, where the slope needs to be towards one corner.

Various styles

There are different kinds of shower drains, in different styles. Depending on the kind of material your floor is made of, you can choose from different styles, that fit different materials. There are linear shower drains that fit perfectly in a dark, stone floor, but also drains that are designed for lighter looking floors. This way you can always find matching shower drains and shower without having to worry about water building up. A linear drain can really finish a bathroom and is an important design element. Because you have got to have one, why not choose the drain that best fits your bathroom’s style and theme? Another important aspect to look at is ease of cleaning. You want to able to clean the drain if necessary, and with an easy to clean drain this is no problem.