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Social Distancing Screens – Meet The Screens

Modular Protection Screen

As a UK manufacturer when COVID hit, we had to make some changes in order to develop and produce a screen that was suitable for the current climate. More offices and workplaces were closing, but as the gradual re-opening was to begin, it was important to have a solution ready for all of those businesses to plan ahead to create a safe working environment.

The first new screen to the range was the Modular Protection Panel, a full acrylic screen with the wipe clean benefits everyone was searching for. Throughout this pandemic, acrylic has become a popular choice for screens, deterring from the once popular acoustic office partition.

The Modular Protection Screen is a freestanding, easy clean social distancing screens, with more than one USP. Consisting of a light grey, slimline frame to encase the acrylic which is available as clear or frosted and the occasion tint for those who wanted a unique finish.

Each screen is made and manufactured in the UK and has been designed by Rap Industries. So, we’ve had full control over the construction and high quality materials used.

Supplied with circular bases, the Modular Screen has a modern aesthetic, proving not only to be functional but great to look at. Designed with a panel and pole system, as the name suggests it’s modular – meaning you can create a configuration suited to you. The Perspex panels can be fitted as landscape and portrait and can be linked to other screens so you can design how wide your social distancing screens need to run.

The wipe clean feature is important, as all environments need to be sanitised between customers. By doing so, you’re reducing the chance of spreading germs and bacteria. Simply clean with warm soapy water or anti-bacterial wipes throughout the day to keep on top of the job.

The Modular Protection Screen was just the beginning, as we began to increase the range to offer even more social distancing screens. View the full range here