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With this youtube channel you lay the foundation

With this youtube channel you lay the foundation stone of your career as an independent entrepreneur or as an all-round employee in an SME or larger (international) company. You will receive a broad basis so that you can later develop your career with your own sense of initiative and creativity. All aspects of business are covered in our education channel: from marketing, accounting, languages and financial knowledge to HRM and quality assurance. It is then up to you to get started as a sustainable entrepreneur or intrapreneur.  Our experience is for European countries.


Do you want to start an independent business after your studies? Or do you see an all-round position with responsibility in an SME or larger (international) company entirely? Then this youtube channel is tailor-made for you.

As a youtube channel of applied knowledge in Belgium, we are at the heart of the SME sector. Did you know that this is the region with the lowest unemployment in Belgium and the second lowest in Europe? After all, we are a nation of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and daredevils.

You will receive a broad training that you need as an independent business manager or right hand in an SME: marketing, accounting, financial knowledge, logistics, HRM … in short, all aspects of business are covered. This youbute channel also stimulates your creativity. After all, the future belongs to the initiators, the daredevils, the sustainable entrepreneurs.


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Avoid these 5 hints of car sickness

Motion sickness has a major influence on the party atmosphere during the car holiday. Therefore, it is best to take the necessary measures in advance to avoid nausea in the car. In addition to adjusting your driving style, there are many useful tips to help you with that. Overview!

Why are we carsick?

Motion sickness destroys the information in our brains. Because we are in an unusual situation – a moving car – our eyes, muscles and balance organs are specially stimulated. This confuses our brain and produces more histamine in response. It is this substance that causes vomiting. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent or limit motion sickness.

1. Keep your eyes on the road

This is a classic method, but holding your gaze is still an effective way to prevent nausea. Therefore, a motorist never suffers from motion sickness: his sense of balance is not confused. Therefore, do not read or play games in the car, because then you will get sick more quickly.

2. Well ventilated for a fresh head

If the car is well ventilated, you will get sick more quickly anyway. Therefore, turn on the air conditioner or open the windows to avoid feeling fresh.

3. Prevent car sickness with an earplug

To restore balance in your body, you can put earplugs in one ear. Left-handed people put it on the right ear and right-handed people put it on the left ear.

4. Pause at will

Do you feel uncomfortable? Take a break and avoid getting really sick. It is always possible to just walk around and breathe fresh air.

5. Medication against motion sickness

Finally, there is the medication for motion sickness. Take pills beforehand or opt for natural remedies like ginger.

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