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Blogging Basics – How to make your blog easy to read

You’ve bitten the bullet to sit down and write your thoughts for everyone to see. Presumably, the aim is for your target audience to take in the information and learn something new. With the dream of the readers hanging on until the very last full stop.

It’s common to find it difficult to take on the readers mindset rather than the writers. But when you do, your content will be great. Flicking that switch, from writer to reader could be the trick that transforms your blog to something truly amazing.

Before we begin with the tips you need to keep your blog readable, make some notes on the blogs you enjoy. What do you like about it? Why do you read them until the end? And what would you change? Make a note of these key points and use it as a reminder when you start to write.

Sentences & Paragraphs

Keep it short and interesting.

Punctuation and paragraphs can quite literally make or break a blog. Having lines of text, with little or no break can be tiresome. Whilst also causing confusion with information and to some readers can be hard to take in.

Break your content down in to sentences without stringing them along with a huge amount of text separated with comma’s. Comma’s are fantastic and can provide your blog with some life and context, but a full stop is great too!

Shorter sentences and paragraphs offer bite sized pieces of information that can be deciphered and taken in.


Break it down! This pairs nicely with the sentences point above. Now you’ve created your short digestible sentences, it’s time to break down the sections. A sub heading boldly labels the upcoming section, and lets the reader know what to expect.

With a sub heading in place it allows the reader to tackle the blog with a clear mind and focus. As the writer, you have carefully introduced each module and allowed your content to flow clearly. By doing this you have eliminated any confusion and provided an understandable structure.

Ditch the Jargon

It might be the terms you use and understand, but will your reader?

Regardless of which sector you are in or the blog you choose to write, you may attract people from all walks of life. Let them enjoy it too.

Don’t add any limitations to your content. Use words and phrases that can be comprehended by all parties to make our blog a real hit.

Add some visuals

It doesn’t matter how long your text is, it’s always nice to see a visual. No matter how brilliant your text is, eyes will be drawn to an image instantly. Make this count as much as the text.

Adding an image to follow on from a paragraph is an effective way to bring your readers thoughts alive. When we read, we imagine. When we read with an image, we imagine but can put this in to prospective with the supplied image.

To add personal touches to your blog, take and include your own images. A photo taken yourself adds a different effect and has slightly more rawness to it.

With some basic tips in hand, there’s only one thing left to do! Write a blog and gain those readers!