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Customized leather

At the moment, vintage shopping is a huge trend amongst the youth. In almost every city you can find a variety of vintage stores. Mostly students love vintage shopping, especially vintage clothes, accessories ore decoration. When you are looking for these kinds of things, you might find a lovely treasure. There probably aren’t a lot of the same items anymore, because it is vintage. So you’ve found a very unique item to be proud of. Unfortunately, sometimes the item looks lovely, but the color is just a little bit off. Some people might not take the item because of this, but I would say that you should still get the item. 


These days we can make everything old look as good as new, so why not that item you found in the vintage store? Old bags, couches, leather jackets, we can make everything look as good as new. Especially leather items can be renovated very well. You only need a little bit of leather paint to make the old item new again. You’re shopping very sustainable this way, but you’re also saving money. Painting some second-hand shoes is way cheaper than having to buy a pair of brand-new shoes. Besides, with some leather paint you can turn the product into whatever color you want. 


When wanting to paint shoes, most people immediately think about black shoe dye. But there are tons of other colors available, even glitter or metallic colors! So don’t limit yourself to a basic white. Grey or black, but go all out with your favorite colors. This way you can easily customize your own shoes. You’ll walk around in a pair that no one else has. 


Make sure to clean the item carefully before painting it. If the item isn’t clean, the paint will get off soon. A clean product results in a beautiful paintjob.