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Decisions of the referee

Decisions will be taken to the best of the referee’s ability in conformity with the Rules of the Soccer Game and in the “Spirit of the
soccer game” and are based on the opinion of the referee that he has the power to take appropriate measures within the framework of the Rules of the Game of Football.

The referee’s decisions concerning matters of play, including whether or not to validate a goal and the result of the match are binding. The decisions of the referee and the other match officials must at all times be respected.

If play is resumed or if the referee marks the end of the first or second half of the game (including the extensions) has indicated and he has left the field of play or has ended the match, the referee may do not change his decision to resume when he himself, or on the advice of a other match official, realized that the decision was wrong.

On the other hand, if at the end of the half of the game, the referee leaves the field of play to go to the RRA or to instruct the players to return to the field of play, then this does not prevent a decision from being changed for an incident that took place before the end of the game.

A disciplinary sanction only be applied after the game has resumed if a other match official determined the foul and tried to communicate it to the referee before resuming play. The resumption of play associated with the penalty shall not apply. 

If an umpire is unable to continue play, play may continue under the supervision of the assistant referees and the fourth official until the next stoppage in play.

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