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FEP foil, which also called the name FEP film, is a special thin material. The thinnest variant is available in just 25 microns thick. 1 micron is 1000 millimeter. 1000 microns equals 1 millimeter. Micron is also abbreviated with “μm” or “mu”.


FEP foil, what is it exactly?

The chemical term for FEP is fluorinated ethylene propylene polymer. We know FEP better than Teflon, which is a brand name. When you are in the store and look at the packaging of a frying pan, for example, you will see the terms PFA and PTFE. These have to do with the non-stick coating (non-stick coating) of the frying pan. PFA is quite expensive to make while FEP is much cheaper to manufacture. In addition, it has many positive properties, including a light transmittance (UV) of at least 97 percent.


Names that you may be familiar with

Teflon is a brand name that was introduced by the manufacturer DuPont. You also have Dyneon from 3M and Neoflon from Daikin. PTFE was accidentally discovered by a chemist who worked for DuPont and a short time after that a patent was applied for because it was soon discovered that there were many commercial applications for it.


What are the features of FEP film

The properties of FEP film can be called unique. The film has a particularly wide temperature range of -200 / +200 degrees Celsius. It is very resistant to strong acids, organic solvents, and salts. Moreover, the resistance to weathering is very good, it is non-flammable, and the non-stick properties are of a high level. This makes the FEP film very versatile and widely applicable.


Buying FEP film

On the website of FEP-film.com you can buy FEP film in all kinds of thicknesses, starting from 25 microns and increasing to 1000 microns. Take a look around because there is so much more to tell about this fantastic product!