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How do you make a content plan for Instagram?

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Do you dream of millions of live subscribers and thousands of likes, and in your dreams see yourself as an opinion leader? Do you want your Instagram profile to grow into a full-fledged online store? Then you have to seriously address the public and not just advertise on social networks.

To achieve the intended goals and turn social networks into a conversion channel, the right decision is to competently craft a content strategy, and that’s what it consists of in our book.

What is a content plan for Instagram?

This is a schedule of social network publishing with pre-composed posts for a week or a month in advance. An Instagram content plan will save you from lack of inspiration, force majeure and even laziness. In addition, you can immediately write headlines and develop a visual design for all messages.

Don’t think that once you plan the topics of posts and categories, you can always use the template. It is necessary to monitor trends regularly so that publications are aligned with changes.

Where to start?

Before drafting a content plan for Instagram, you need to know what to write about, how often, and for whom. Then it is time to start planning.

Determine the type of Instagram account: personal brand or business profile. Basically, the first type contains pages with public figures, where they share the backstage of their personal life.

Commercial accounts are created for the purpose of conversions, where it is clearly necessary to set up a content sales plan for Instagram.

Define the subject of the content – more precisely, the structure. If you want to make Instagram an active sales channel, 20-40% of the posts should sell posts. Present the product / service as well as possible: discounts, promotions, intriguing stories that motivate you to take the targeted action. What to do with the other 80-60% of the records? Social media users absolutely don’t like to be bored – entertain them. Wish good morning, post a funny video, cute photo. Of the total mass, this type of publication plus-minus Checklist must be 30%. Information posts – 40-50%. When selling clothes, tell us about the trends of the new season or fashionable colors according to Pantone.

Instagram content plan checklist

A short guide will certainly help you approach this creative process rationally. After all, CP is not just dates and rubrics, but an important and integral part of high-quality SMM.

Select the type of account – we have already written which profiles can be. Either blogging or a commercial account. Bloggers make good money from ads, by the way.

Set goals for Instagram promotion to be effective. The main goal is to increase sales revenue by 3 times through a social network by January 1, 2021? This goal must be dissected, that is, broken down into small subtasks. For example, this week you want to increase subscriber engagement and next week you want to sell twice as many of those beige hoodies. This way, you will understand how to best shape your broadcast plan based on short-term goals.

Determine the subject of posts – once the goals are set, it’s time to think about which posts will help you achieve them. If you need reader activity – likes, reposts, comments, new subscriptions – keep an eye out for engaging content. More polls, interesting, entertaining information. Run a giveaway or communication in stories – a question-answer format will suffice. Need more sales? So you need a sales material – more promotions, special offers with limited time.

Create a grid of posts for a month – when you get the first 3 points, move on to the fourth, most interesting. It will be quite easy to run it with the help of special content plan programs. But first determine the number of publications per day (2-4 is recommended), time, post type, which we wrote about above.

Where is it useful to make an entry plan?

Once we’ve talked about the best content plan generation services, let’s just say Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets are ideal for rationalists. But if you’re not an avid perfectionist, you can use Trello or Google Sheets.

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