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Make-A-Wish program

The Make-A-Wish Foundation provides wishes to young patients with life-threatening medical conditions. A child who lives in their local community and is undergoing life-threatening medical treatment can participate in the programme, as long as they have a diagnosis for less than six months. You may get involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in a number of ways to help children with life-threatening diseases. Contact your local chapter to learn more about volunteering or other opportunities to assist. The Make-A-Wish website includes information about the programme. You can assist kids battling serious diseases by contributing to Make-A-Wish. Ask your physician if your child is eligible for Make-A-Wish. Learn how to make a wish for critically ill children, read how:


The Make-A-Wish Foundation has a page on its website that explains the program. You must identify which children are eligible for Make-A-Wish. Generally speaking, any child with a life-threatening illness may apply for the Make-A-Wish Foundation (with certain exceptions). Doctors must verify the diagnosis and prognosis in order for a child to be accepted. This process may take a long time, so many parents begin the application process as soon as they receive the diagnosis.


Organizations that provide support to children with terminal diseases tend to focus on a specific illness, such as cancer or leukemia. You may have to do a little extra research if you want to find a cancer support group for children. You can look for a support group using a search engine like Google or visit the American Childhood Cancer Organization’s website for a list of support groups in your area.


If you discover that a child is not eligible for Make-A-Wish, you should look into other organisations that provide assistance to kids with terminal illnesses. The Ronald McDonald House and the Children’s Bereavement Network are two examples of organisations that give free temporary housing to the families of children receiving medical treatment. The Kids’ Cancer Connection provides emotional support to those with cancer as well as those with terminal diseases. You can locate support groups in your area through the National Network of Hospital Child Bereavement Programs’ website.

The foundation

Make-A-Wish volunteers can assist the organisation’s fundraising efforts from home and at their convenience. You can assist Make-A-Wish in a variety of ways, including planning and managing fundraising events, supporting wish families at special events, and advising children who desire to realise their dreams. Make-A-Wish recruits new volunteers by telling their story and educating others about our mission. Make-A-Wish provides between 15,000 and 18,000 life-altering wishes for children with critical illnesses annually. Since we do not have enough resources to grant every eligible child’s wish, we cannot grant every eligible child’s wish. We do not have enough resources to accomplish this. Volunteers, donors, and members help us accomplish this. With your help, Make-A-Wish is able to grant the wishes of critically ill children.