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Preparing for painting with a paint sprayer

If you’re planning on painting a wall with a paint sprayer, you cannot just start painting. The wall needs some preparation. Today we will discuss the first steps in preparing a wall before you can use your spray gun.


Cover the floor

Carefully cover the floor with a stucloper or a thick plastic foil. Use duct tape at the edges so that the runner will not shift. Tip! Pay attention to your safety and do not use a thin plastic foil. In no time you will get entangled in the constantly bulging plastic while walking and you can easily fall.


Seal off

If you only want to spray one wall: also stick a strip of 2-in-1 masking tape / plastic foil on the side walls and against the ceiling. Press the tape carefully in the corner to prevent cracks. With the ceiling, it is advisable to secure down-hanging film tot the back with pieces of tape. Also stick the frame wood with masking tape and strips of 2-in-1 foil.


Turn off the power

Turn off the power and remove the cover plates of switches and sockets. Check with the voltage finder if the current is indeed switched off.



Degrease the wall with a cloth with water, in which a degreaser is dissolved. Remove ant old loose stucco with a paint scraper. Also scratch out the cracks. It may be that the wall gives off white and is very powdery. In the past, white lime was applied to the wall. In this case, remove as much lime as possible from the wall with damp cloths. Then apply a layer of primer fixer. Primer fixing agent is a fast-drying primer for fixing porous, powdery substrates. This means penetrates very deep into the ground. By using a special primer, you prevent leaves in the paint layer.


In the following article we will discuss the next steps