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Rank your website in the search results

In recent years, consumers have increasingly searched online for their information. This ensures that traditional media such as newspapers, television and radio are no longer the only source of information and that, for example, Google is much more. This requires a different kind of name recognition. Not only the newspaper but also the online article is becoming increasingly important. That’s why in this article we explain how to make your business easy to find on the internet in combination with offline advertising.

A website

The first step to being visible online is to create a website if you don’t have one yet. Your website is the calling card of the online visitor and can also be used for sales or other conversion purposes Building a website is a one-off investment and does not have to be very expensive. In many cases this can start from € 300.

Google is the largest search engine in the Netherlands. Your website will be found online by standing in the right positions above. Would you like to be found as a bicycle repair shop in Groningen? for example. Then you would like to be at the top of Google for “Fietsmaker” or “Fietsmaker Groningen” so that everyone who searches on Google can find your bicycle repairman.

How do you get so high in Google?

  • Create a Google business page for your website and fill it out completely.
  • Do keyword research and write content that is relevant to the website. Gain authority by outsourcing link building.
  • Improve the technology of your website.


If you have a website, advertising can also increase brand awareness. This can be done in many different ways. For example, by posting a sponsored message on an interesting website or by placing a banner of your website on other websites. With the right ads, you can reach the audience you want to reach with your brand.

That is why a local approach is a good step for many companies to reach the target group cheaply. For example, by placing banners in local media, you increase your brand awareness in a certain environment. In addition to the fact that advertising increases brand awareness, we often see that this also helps in Google results. Advertising ensures that more signals reach your brand, making Google find your website more relevant.