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The Top 3 Ways to Save Money on Wholesale Nursery Supplies

If you’re an avid home gardener or just starting out, wholesaling nursery supplies can be a great way to cut costs. However, wholesalers don’t come cheap. These businesses are designed for businesses and other organizations that have a high volume of purchases. They require that sellers provide proof of business registration and other identifying information. In most cases, selling wholesale nursery supplies is an expensive venture for the home gardener who only wants to buy garden plants once every few months, not once a week! However, with some planning and research, it doesn’t have to cost you arm and leg. In this blog post, we’ll cover the top three ways you can save money on wholesaler nursery supplies.



Know your options

If you’re a home gardener who wants to cut costs, then you’ll want to know your options. Firstly, do you want to buy your plants in bulk or by the piece? Buying in bulk is often cheaper per unit and can save you money if you need a lot. However, if you only plan to buy a few plants, then it might not be the best option. For example, pots are sold by the piece, so you pay the exact price for what you need. The bagged mix of soil or growing media per bag, however, is sold by the cubic foot, so you pay for the volume. Another thing to keep in mind is that not all nurseries are wholesalers. If you walk into a nursery and see large plants for sale, then you’re not in a wholesale nursery. Do some research, making sure you know the difference between a wholesale nursery and a retail nursery. This can allow you to avoid spending a fortune on nursery supplies.


Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount

Yes, wholesalers are businesses and they’re designed to make a profit. However, in order to grow, they need to make sales. Many wholesalers offer discounts to new customers as a way to get their name out there. So don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. Don’t be a jerk about it, but politely ask if there’s any way you can get a discount. If the nursery is local, you can always go in and ask in person to save on delivery costs. If you order online, you can ask for a cheaper shipping rate. Wholesale nursery


Buy in bulk

Many wholesalers will offer a bulk discount if you buy large quantities of the same plants. This isn’t a given, but it’s always good to ask. It depends on the nursery, but many will offer a discount if you purchase a certain amount. Why buy in bulk? Well, if you’re growing a large number of plants, you’ll want to plant them in a mix that’s specifically designed for your plants. This is often more expensive than buying a bag of potting soil. Wholesalers aren’t just cheaper than retail nurseries, they’re also cheaper than buying from a local nursery. This is because wholesalers buy in bulk and sell in smaller quantities. They also have a much higher demand for plants than a local nursery.



If you’re an avid gardener, then you’re well aware that the cost of nursery supplies adds up quickly. This is especially true if you’re growing your own plants from seeds. If you’re trying to cut costs, though, wholesaling nursery supplies can be a great way to go. However, you have to know your options and be willing to negotiate a discount. Keep in mind that ordering your plants in bulk will save you even more money over time. These three tips can help you to save money on wholesale nursery supplies. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount and always try to order in bulk to save even more money!

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