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Two young magnet fishermen find an empty safe in the Demer

In Scherpenheuvel-Zichem in Flemish Brabant, two children found a safe in the Demer while magnet fishing. According to the public prosecutor, there is a good chance that it concerns the bank vault that was stolen last week during a ram raid in Halen in Limburg.

Unknown and masked men committed a ram raid on a Belfius office in Halen on 11 July. Two vehicles rammed into the bank office and the perpetrators took off with a safe containing an undetermined sum of money. They took flight in two vehicles and are still without a trace.

Hannah and Jarne Danckaerts came across the safe while magnet fishing in the Demer. “We threw our magnet into the water, we found a kind of small computer and we went to the police with it”, says Jarne.

A diving team from the Scherpenheuvel-Zichem fire brigade removed the safe from the water with a tap. And one of the officers made the link with the ram raid.