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With code lock, you do not need keys

A doorlock with code opens with code instead of a key. You avoid the risk of loosing keys and resource-intensive key management.

Code locks are appropriate where security requirements are slightly lower, because a code easily spreads to unauthorized persons. Common uses include doorways to apartment houses, interior office doors, entrance to pre-schools, changing rooms, etc. If you want higher security, we recommend a passenger system.

Benefits of code lock

The advantage of code lock is that it is a relatively simple solution. Our technicians can make a quick and easy installation and then the code lock is easy to maintain.

Easy to mount

Code lock is relatively easy to mount. They are available to mount on most surfaces. There is also battery-powered code lock for mounting on door leaf.

In order for a door lock lock to complete its desired function, the door must be closed automatically after opening. We can also help you set up a door closer.

Low cost security

Where security requirements are slightly lower, code lock is an excellent security measure. Over time, it will be cost-effective. You avoid the risk of lost keys, which often causes costly lock changes. You also do not have to handle the delivery of keys.

Control of access

There is code lock that can be programmed so that the codes only open the door during certain times. Some codes, e.g. newspaper code, may only work in the morning. The codes are easy to change as needed. You can enter individual door opening times yourself if you wish.

We offer all brands of code locks. As an independent security provider, we offer all established brands of code locks.

There is code locks with more or less advanced features. We help you choose a code lock that suits your business.

If you want to take height for future changes, we can recommend a code lock that can be expanded. With related products, some code locks can be converted to a portphone or pass system solution. The same button unit can then be used as a port phone and card reader in a pass system.

Replace the code frequently

There is always a risk that the code for a code lock spreads to unauthorized users. Therefore, it is important not to issue it to more than necessary, as well as to change code on a regular basis.

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